Friday, February 13, 2009




But it's not much of a response. It's kind of useless, in fact, because Steve told me personally that "frankly, Warren, I haven't spent any time on this yet today...I haven't put mind to it yet at all." So if Steve wasn't in on this decision, who was?

In this non-response, TVO just mainly post what I have written. And if you're here, you already know what I think. What, if anything, was TVO thinking?

Specifically, what remains unanswered is why TVO was so dumb - so monumentally insensitive - as to give a platform to someone who writes things like what I've re-posted below.

What's your answer to that, TVO?

· On Islam: "...your religion is fucking retarded...ungrateful beligerent foreign savages...These are people who love watching beheading videos on the internet...A sick, sick religion. Basically Scientology with bombs. Pathetic whiny losers."
· On Muslim and Pakistani immigrants: "Muslims...most of them can't even read...What we really need to do is stop immigration from Pakistan and other crazy Muslim countries filled with illiterate, violent tribal peasants..."
· On Muslim children: they are “parasites.”
· On a group of Muslim students who object to some statements by Mark Steyn: they are “motherfucking parasites.”
· On Muslims: "Muslims always have to be on top, in reverse proportion to their ability to do anything with competence or creativity."
· On Indians: they are “parasites” who “extorted tax dollars [for] booze, smokes and junk food. Not to mention free everything else, including university educations they don't bother getting.”
· On blacks: “…there is nothing ‘compelling’ about a black man impregnating a white woman. In more than one Toronto neighbourhood, that's what they call Saturday night.”
· On the only people who can get excited about Barack Obama: “black, stupid or both.”
· On Jamaicans: “Just think of how much Jamaican immigrants contribute to our culture and economy: monotonous, illiterate music that all sounds the same, filthy hairstyles, those little tricoloured Rasta doohickies.”
· On the blacks of New Orleans: they are “pathetic losers” who cannot have their IQs raised “a single point.”
· On the poor: they are poor because they are “too lazy and stupid to a) finish high school and/or b) keep their pants on.…I don’t care about the poor. They’re no more real than Bigfoot.”
· On AIDS: “From the beginning, AIDS activism has been more about mainstreaming the gay "lifestyle" than saving lives.”
· On Sikhs: "Backward foreigners [who] shit on hand that feeds them...Unable to invent their own iconic product due to too much time spent worshipping monkeys and cows, setting women on fire and obsessing over imperceptible differences in each other's skin colour..."
· On blind people: "Giving blind people real not working out."
· On Chinese: "[They are] spitting and shooting snot on the sidewalk...throwing broken crates of rotten bock choy all over Spadina Avenue [and] eating dubious, illegal foodstuffs" [and cause SARS.]

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